What to expect if you are new to

Mertzon Methodist Church

You can expect to be greeted and welcomed, but not singled out.

Where ever you are in your faith journey you are welcome at Mertzon Methodist Church in Mertzon, TX.

If you come early there is coffee and sometimes pastry.

Some people dress up and others dress casually.

Do I Need to Pay or Give Money? No! Each week we provide an opportunity for people to make an offering to the church. When the basket comes around, you can just pass it on.

Children are welcome, there is a nursery for young children, older children usually attend church thru the Children's Sermon and then go to Sunday school.

We are active in the community for details see Missions & Ministries.

We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  All are welcome to partake.

If you have more questions please contact the church pastor or church secretary.

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